Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up, Up & Away

You really have to click on the image to see what I saw. ...and even then it won't be that impressive. Unfortunately.

What is up in the sky are six hot air balloons.

In the town I grew up (as if I ever actually grew up!), they have hot air balloon races each Memorial Day weekend. On and above the horizon you can see the half dozen of which I spoke. A few minutes later there were an additional six.

For a good 30-40 minutes they would bob up and down, above and below the tree line. Or some of them did. About half kept their height.

The plan was to have them fly over and past my parents house, from where I took this picture. But neither the festival, nor the balloon pilots have much control of anything other than the amount of hot air they put into the balloon. They are kind of dependent on the wind, of which there was none. Nary a leaf was moving on any of the trees.

The balloons never made it over my parents house - this was as close as they got. They certainly never got to wherever their final destination was supposed to be.

I was hoping to have really cool close-up shots, but that was out of my hands. I love it when they fly right over - you can hear almost every word that is said in the gondolas. .....and they can hear everything that is said on the ground (or so I've been told - as I've never been up in one).

Maybe next year folks. Maybe next year.

Song by: the Fifth Dimension

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