Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No More Mr. Nice Guy

I told my friends I wouldn't talk about this anymore, so of course I have to get in one last reference to an on-going conversation we've been having.

I have been in discussions with an organization about employment. Yes, I know I'm gainfully employed - so it's been a relatively no stress situation.

The COO/VP to whom I would report to had an immediate connection during our first phone call. It was a great hour phone call. It wasn't an interview - he made that clear.

I did interview and it went well. Not well enough, but they liked me.

How do I know? Because the COO/VP called to tell me, personally. I know, right?

Ok - in our first call, he said he would always be the one to let me know where I stood. No HR. No recruiter. No secretary. My first thought was, "what the hell is wrong with this guy - who, at his level, does this?" My immediate second thought was, "I want to work for this guy".

The next day he left me an email thanking me and giving me his contact information if I had questions. Not his secretaries line - his direct one. And his cell phone. That above question and above foll0w-up statement came back to mind.

So yesterday, when I was told I was not the candidate, the COO/VP called me personally - as promised. And even though I did not get the job, it was still one of the most positive conversations I have had - even for a turn down.

He acknowledged that connection I felt we had - professional, people.....just professional. I, in turn, told him exactly what I typed about my reactions to his personal interaction with me. I think he was really struck by that - in a good way. I also told him I mentioned that same reaction to the president of the company and the head of HR.

Mr. COO/VP then told me he'd like to keep my contact info - as he plans on there being a job opening up (i.e. being created) possibly in 3-6 months. Maybe there is. Maybe there isn't. It was still a classy way to be not chosen.

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rebecca said...

Was he even a little bit hot?