Friday, May 29, 2009

Is it a Crime?

This was in my email yesterday. It didn't even make it to my spam folder - which is how I saw it.

Granted I am always looking for new career opportunities, but I never thought anything I would do for cash would start out with a theme song done by the Who.

You know I'd be on some critical mission, but be the one given the walkie-talkie. I don't even see anyone carrying their special lights to identify semen stains in the dark. What's up with that? Maybe the specially trained don't need that light. Is that what you were going to say all so snidely????? IS IT???

Though I'm sure I can come up with worse career choices, this is still nothing I would ever consider doing. Unless of course, I get to work with George Eads.

And by "work", I means "sleep with". And by "sleep with", of course, I mean "have sex with". And by 'have sex with", of course I mean....... Oh you don't want specifics.

What? You were thinking I'd be wanting to hook up with Marg Helgenberger? Puh-Leese!!! (say like Squidward.)

Song by: Sade

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