Sunday, May 24, 2009

Star Me Kitten

One of my sisters, and her family, are the proud caretaker of a new family member. A kitten. Or another one. They've almost always had two cats and two dogs.....and two kids. Don't knock symmetry, there is a beauty to it.

They actually got one a few years back, but Marty disappeared two months back. He ran away, or someone took him. No one wants to say the other things that might have happened, but he liked to roam and they live on country roads.....and it is not unusual to see a fox or coyote on these roads now and again.

My sister kept telling me how upset the kids were. Her husband would tell me that it was my sister who'd go to the door three or four dozen times a day calling for him. That's my family - transfer your feelings and emotions to others while absolving yourself of them.

Anyway, they got X yesterday. X, you say? They have not come up with a name yet. I say their oldest, college-bound daughter doesn't get a way (she's picking the worst names) doesn't get a choice as she's leaving home.

It is a house full of male pets too. They had (well, have) one girl cat, but all the other cats and dogs have been male. X is a guy too.

He's got great markings. Better than show up on the iPhone. He's on high-alert as the two dogs who share the house are trying to familiarize themselves with him. But they're not allowed in the family room - something X will use to his advantage in the very very near future.

I'm loving the two little dots on his nose.

Here's me looking a little shlubby, but I completely attribute it to my posture, or lack of. I plopped down on the couch and the little guy curled up right next to me. I think he'll be a cuddler, but in reality I provided a save haven and warmth for him. Hey - it works for me.

I HATE his pic of me, but it's cute of him. I love how it shows how small he is (no, not how large I am).

Of course, all this makes me want another kitten, but deep down I know better. And Denton asked me if I even remember that stage: all energy, jumping, running, climbing and clawing?

My response, naturally was, 'you mean like Sophie now?'. Sophie turns three in a few weeks. She has yet to outgrow kittendom.

I'll let you know the chosen name when they get it. My brother-in-law said they had to have one by the end of Monday. He's so funny when he attempts to lay down the law in that house.

Song by: R.E.M.


Birdie said...

With that nose: Domino.

We're down to one cat now, too. KC (Kitty Cat) was put down last December at age 20; now her son Opie (red hair and freckles) is 20 and blind and deaf but holding up pretty well anyway. He gets along with the dog, but they're not close.

Anonymous said...

oh, kitty looks so cute :)