Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bend and not Break

If goooooogle images were to be believed, every man who does yoga is inked.

I can confirm all are not - as I don't have a tattoo. It's not so much that I don't want one as that I'm a huge huge wuss when it comes to getting one. Haven't I had enough needles and other things poking into me and cutting my skin?

....well, that and I probably could never decided on a design.

Anyway, yesterday was day two of yoga. It went slightly better than the first. It had to - right?

Same place, same instructor, a few of the same participants, though I went during lunch instead of after work. I'm not a complete imbecile when doing it - or at last no worse than anyone else . I think. To be honest, I didn't look around. I wasn't going to relive aerobics from all those years ago. And the point of yoga (or one of them) is to be centered and not worry about your surroundings. I'm trying to do this correctly.

But I will say, it really grinds my gears that some folks come in 10 minutes late. The instructor really probably should have squashed that one - but she didn't. Where is common decency?

Over the weekend, I went and bought my own personal yoga mat. This way I don't have to use the bacteria-filled communal ones. Yesterday we used yoga "straps". I didn't have a set, so I had to use my towel. You use them to stretch parts of your body and have something to grasp and use for resistance. But my legs are too long and the towel was too short, so there were a few things I couldn't do.

So I guess now I have go buy straps. Or as Denton pointed out, "is this some kind of pyramid scheme?"

Don't even get me started on the blocks.

Song by: Dashboard Confessional


Beau RN said...

Keep at it...patience in learning and developing deeper in the poses will pay off in little and big ways.

How do you feel?

Morty said...

I'm so inflexible I need a whole pile of accoutrement next to my mat.

Kris said...

Get yourself a bolster, too. Delightful to lay on one in "child" pose.