Monday, May 11, 2009

The World is Full of Stupid People

You might look at this title and the accompanying image and assume that I went to go see the new Star Trek movie and didn't like it.

You'd be wrong.

I mean, I did go see it. But I more than liked it.

The reason for the song title - which is about a decade old or more - is because it contains lyrical references to Jean-Luc Picard and the United Federation of Planets.

See, I was never ever a fan of the original Star Trek series or their movies. I saw Wrath of Kahn. I saw Search for Spock. I saw the one that was #V - whichever one that was. You know, the one where they were going to Shakaree or something. Of course, Jon and I would substitute Chaka Kahn just for our own giggles. Awful!

I remember seeing that last one with Jon in that old Grandview theatre and successfully (?) quoting dialogue that had yet to happen. THAT is how predictable it was. I remember turning to him and saying, "hell! I could have written this", to which his quick reply was "thank g-d you didn't!!!" Oh how we laughed. The movie cost us a dollar and I still wanted a refund when it was over.

I really enjoyed The Next Generation series though, but not so much their movies. I could never get into Deep Space Nine, Enterprise or Voyager. TNG was an anomaly.

Anyway - back to the movie. Yes, we saw it on day two, so the place was packed. They even had an 'event coordinator' to make sure all seating was utilized. They tried to get me to move to the center to make it easier for others to get in. Tough cookies, babe, I got here early, I scoped out my seat. I'm keeping it.

JJ Abrams did a great job with it. Better than he's done with Lost or Felicity (insert laughing here). The effects, the storyline and the acting. Except for two or three lines they had to throw in (c'mon - did anyone think Scottie wasn't going to say his frickin' trademark line?). I was annoyed at a few product placements that clearly every movie has to do anymore to off-set financing. The Nokia ringtones are a blatant display was just crappy.

And then there was Lenord Nimoy talking around his new dentures. It was a distraction.

Oh oh oh.....and Winona Ryder!!! She didn't take anything away from the flick, but she certianly didn't add anything to it either. It could have been played by anyone. But it probably keeps her in Actor's Equity for another 3-5 years. Denton didn't even recognize her.

The cast was actually really good. I don't know why all the gays pine for Chris Pine. He's a better actor than he is a looker - but that could be my opinion. But Zachary Quinto was great as Spock. And of course Harold (or was it Kumar?) as Sulu. Even Uhura was good - though she a bit of a space slut.

And is there anything that Eric Bana is in where he isn't totally hot? Even as a Romulan?

Don't get me wrong, there are great scenes but little suspense. It's not quite a spoiler alert when you know none of the main characters are in complete danger - as they all live for another 6o years....or 60 films. Whichever comes first. (flash on the Simpsons: Star Trek XII: So Very Tired!)

You know we don't go out to tons of movies, mostly because I'm picky....and cheap, so I heartily recommend it.

Go. Now. I think they need the cash.

Song by: the Refreshments


tornwordo said...

I'm gonna try to go Friday and catch it at the IMAX.

Birdie said...

I was there the first day and saw viewers in costume. I'm a science geek, not a Trekker. But yeah, TNG was outstanding.

Like all scifi movies these days, it had great action and absolutely terrible science. It's no spoiler to say that if they'd been that close to a black hole, the crew would have been a bloody smear on the ship's walls microseconds before the ship tore apart in tidal forces. Please. Can't anyone Google "black hole" before they write?

I still enjoyed the movie. Where will they go from here? Alternate time lines?

cb said...

I'm with the above comment. I discuss my "issues" with the film on my blog today.