Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Stands For Comfort

Can I say this? For the most part, I have a pretty great mom.

Except for a few blips when I was a teenager, I think we've always had a pretty good relationship.

Naturally, those blips were all about me I think my sexuality came a lot more easily to me than it did to her. Mind you, when I was 15 or so and she was figuring it out, as I was. I had less of an issue with it - I'm assuming.

It's not that she was ill equipped to deal with it all, it was just a different time. Hell, we didn't know anyone who was divorced way back then, let alone who was gay. It certainly wasn't what anyone talked about.

Of course, it might have just been about me being a teenager. Who the hell knows?

But we've come to a great place where not only am I not the black-sheep of the family, but more like the golden boy. Yes, granted, I am the only boy, but now you're just nitpicking.....

My mom has been extremely supportive of how I've lived my life. It probably doesn't hurt that I've never asked them to move back home or asked for cash and have always had a steady job (well, except for that 5 months in 2006-2007 - but I had a severance package, so there's that...).

She has always accepted Denton and you know that has to be a huge plus. I know so many people who do not get along that well with their in-laws - whether they're queer or not.

Like me, my mother has a great sense of humour. For the most part, so do my sisters. My "aunt" (quotes used, as she's not really my aunt) Rosemarie said at my mother's 70th birthday, to my mother, (almost like I wasn't at the table), "he has the same wicked sense of humour as your mother."

I can't say that for sure - as she was just my grandmother and died when I was 10. My keen sense of humour was not fully honed at that point - and I don't remember her being funny. But my mother is, and I think her grandkids know she is.

So like most every Sunday, we'll go over to have dinner with my parents. There will be a gift or two, but she really wants nothing.

I always try to make time for my mom - and she for me. It's not just about a day. It never is.

Song by: Kate Bush

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