Sunday, May 17, 2009

Return of the Grievous Angel

Oh, how I wish this were a post about at least a half-nekkid David Boreanaz. You know Angel, from Buffy.....or, I guess Angel. .....but mostly I care about Buffy.

Even with the bumps on his left shoulder (go ahead, enlarge the image and look), he's still dreamy.

No, this is about going to see Angels & Demons yesterday. I know, I know - it goes against most everything I stand for: catholicism and Tom Hanks. But short of being rude - what could I do? I was out-voted 3-1.

We rarely see our friends David and James, and they really wanted to go. For full-disclosure, they'll see almost anything and everything. David worked in film (in a way) and has an appreciation for most everything - though it is not to say he likes everything.

Denton wanted to go too, so what's a good bf to do? I went.

I never read the book and I think I'm one of 18 people in the U.S. who did not read The DaVinci Code. I tried. Honest. I could not get past page 104. I'm not estimating is not an approximation. I distinctly remember the page I gave up on the book, even years later.

Clearly, I didn't see that movie either.

But we went. It was exactly what I expected, though with a few twists I didn't quite see - but the end result was how I figured it, about 25 minutes into the picture.

One twist was that Ewan MacGregor was in it! Who knew? Probably anyone who read an ad or the movie poster. I wasn't one of those people.

I don't care that Hanks has two Oscars to his credit and one is a Jonathan Demme movie about a person with AIDS. It could be argued, he peaked with Bachelor Party. But once he went down the road to Big, I started to find him insufferable. Ok, maybe that's a bit harsh, but the schmaltz with Forrest Gump and that FedEx movie......oy.

I'd say 70% of the movie is background information. Them walking and talking and explaining a few millennia of history, but just enough to end up fitting very very very neatly in the the jigsaw puzzle of a movie was annoying to me. Yeah, lots of movies and TV shows do it - but they do it better. Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind, or something a little more didactic like The West Wing.

For the blockbuster it was supposed to be, I doubt there were more than 25 people in the theater. ...and it was a rainy Saturday.

...oh and the music. The overreaching score. The Gregorian chants in the background. And bombastic approach to the final credit music. Way too much, Opie.

As it turns out, no one thought it was a great movie, so I wasn't the cheese standing alone. I doubt that Dan Brown or Ron Howard even scraped the surface of how evil the catholic church is, but it's not exploding anti-matter.

On a positive note - I'm up to my third of at least 12 movies for the year (you all remember my never-achieved goal, right?). And with a few movies slated for summer release, I honestly think I'll make it.

But at least for this, I got a really really cute image of Mr. Boreanaz.

Song by: Gram Parsons


anne marie in philly said...

I did not read "the da vinci code". not interested.

and I did not and won't see the movies either.

and yes, the catholic church IS EVIL PERSONIFIED! spent 16 years in catholic schools - scarred for life now.

oh yeah, and thanks for that handsome hunk pix at the top. his dad is our weather forecaster on channel 6. his dad is a hunk too.

Dvadi G said...

Nothing wrong with that shoulder. Maybe he is in Egypt...