Monday, May 04, 2009


Ugh. Yesterday we went over to my little sister's house for a small-ish gathering. It was when we were halfway there did I realize we had not been over, or invited over, for almost two years.

I guess it should be mentioned that she lives less than 30 minutes away from us.

I don't think she is harboring resentment at us or anything, but we certainly don't see them a lot. I see them at my parents and they've been over our house a few times, but it is usually to drop off their kids so we can babysit. I'm not really complaining. While I like my sister and her husband, we clearly don't see eye-to-eye on politics. And by that it would be closer to eye-to-big toe.

A bigger group of right wing nuts you'd never want to meet. So maybe that has a bit to do with why we're not asked over. I really don't know. Or care.

The other thing we differ on is religion. She married into a large Italian Catholic family - and raising their kids as such. Strike Two, I guess.

I could almost deal with their Jesus this and Jesus that crap it weren't for the hypocrisy - which I guess is the spine of Catholicism. You know, having their kids sing songs about Jesus while downloading music from the internet without paying for it.

I mean, I'll peer to peer share songs too, but I don't tell my kids not to steal from the other side of my mouth.

Let's say nothing of my brother-in-law's previous divorce and my sister living with him before marriage. Aren't those on the pope's 'Not To Do' List?

But the actual thing that I loved about the day was that one of the in-laws in-laws came up and introduced themselves to me and then to Denton. I missed the exchange, but apparently she asked who Denton was to Denton. Just being honest he said, "we're partners".

It seems that a records needle got dragged across the vinyl with that statement. Denton said her face just dropped! I'm sure we were persona non-grata upon leaving - though I'm guessing they did indeed all talk about us afterwards.

I have zero idea of my sister and brother in law have never mentioned this to some of their family or not. I mean, her in-laws have known us for longer than a decade, so are we just too embarrassing to talk about?

I kind of hope so. And I'm happy to make those kind of folks squirm a bit and forced to sit there and have cake with two homos.

Luckily the "flatware" was plastic, so they can just throw everything out because lord knows whatever we touched can't ever come truly clean.

Song by: Michael Penn


Birdie said...

I'm so sorry you have that to deal with. This ignorance has to stop, and I'm taking steps in my church to see that people learn the truth: God loves everyone, exactly as they are, unchanged. Everyone. It's a slow change, but it is happening, here and everywhere. Have hope.

rebecca said...

I think the truth is that you and Denton are such a boring old couple that there's nothing to talk about!

You should do something more dramatic, you know ... something less monogamous, normal and healthy! Then the tongues will wag...