Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pineapple Head

Rebecca sent me this photo while I was driving. I should have known better than to steer, gas, brake and download photos on the iPhone, but c'mon - it's Becky.

She had me ROR'ing (that's asian for LOL dontcha know). So she immediately got a call - because texting while driving in Cleveland is now against the law. I don't want to be a felon.....again.

I will admit to seeing High School Musical. One. Not Two or Three. One! And once was enough. I have three nieces and nephews who were pre-tweens who loved it and while watching them I was forced to sit through it ("We're all in this together").

Isn't Zac's head HILARIOUS?? At first I assumed it was an optical illusion, because of his hair-don't. Or as I said to Becca: "HE'S a HAIR HOPPER!" Then launched right into "....but Zac ain't no first she?".

If you haven't seen the original Hairspray, you might not get that. Ironically enough, Becky had to tell me he was in the musical remake of it (which I have refused to watch. Ugh....John Ravolta!).

But Becky insists that it's just bad photoshopping that makes Zac's head look like it is being continually filled with helium. She has even submitted the image to PhotoShop Disasters.

I'm loving the website - and could have held out until June (omg...June is on its way already!) for my Site of the Month, but I really wanted to get this up ASAP. I'm very fond of Tatooine's Best Restaurant. If for nothing else, because I missed Star Wars Day three days ago (may the 4th be with you!).

Enjoy the image. Enjoy Zac Big Head. Enjoy the site. Enjoy doing all those hundreds of Hairspray quotes in your head and chuckling to yourself while you do it ("Tracy! Don't run. You've got heels on - you'll fall !!!").

Song by: Crowded House


Jonny said...

I'm glad you explained who Zac Efron is! Big hair and all. However, I would have been close assuming he was on some Disney channel show. So, is that a pocket square or an index card with Bobby Deen's fave recipes (and private cell phone number?)

rebecca said...

Oh come on, nothing beats the incredible aging-backwards Liza!

This still makes me laugh ... and laugh... (and dance!)

Tony (LT) said...

I call him the pocket superstar. He's tiny. I remember seeing him on the oscars presenting with some wispy little twilight looking girl. She was bigger than he was and she wasn't bigger than a minute.