Thursday, August 31, 2023

Tango T'ill They're Sore

Well, I don't have Covid. 

Yes, I probably overreacted, but maybe not. I just don't get sick much.

With Covid and mask wearing, I'd avoided my annual cold for three years. I think having my septum fixed helped that too. And oddly, working in healthcare and going to the office daily for the most part of Covid, I've never gotten it. 

Still, yesterday, mid-morning, I got a wicked sore throat. I'd say seemingly out of nowhere, but Shep was more then restless and I was up at 01:20 with him and never truly went back to sleep. I actually "slept" on the sofa with him.  In reality, I was operating on 3.5 hours of sleep. 

However, while away, I got notifications that one after the other of my staff had Covid. 

Yes, it is rearing its ugly head again. 

So: sore throat + don't get sick much + resurgence = Blobby heading down to self-swab at the ED to see if he is or isn't. 

He isn't. 

It's not hypochondria. Maybe a little. It's more about not wanting to sick. Or sicker. 

Tomorrow, (or Today) I will plan to work from home. I almost never do. But why go in with an ailment? Everyone else works hybrid - I just haven't. My old norm will be weird tomorrow. Maybe Friday too. 

I skirted this again. Amazing we are coming up on four years of Covid and somehow I've been good. 

What are the odds? 

Song by: Tom Waits


Old Lurker said...

I am glad you dodged the bullet again. I am COVID-anxious (some would say COVID-hysterical) myself.

I feel there is another wave coming and nobody will notice.

Travel said...

Lots of end of summer stress going around. Take care,

James Dwight Williamson said...

Covid is everywhere maybe not in massive amounts but it’s every where