Friday, August 11, 2023

If I Could Write

2,000,000 blog views. 

......and it only took me 20 years, 4 months and 21 days.  .....and 6,802 posts. But who's counting?

I won't lie, I saw the numbers creeping up over the last week, so I knew it was on the way. The way reader frequemcy goes, it could have been a day or a week. There is some predictably Yesterday, before leaving for the gym, I looked, and I was at 1,999,998.  I stuck around for five more minutes but it didn't change. 

Mostly the blog has been a labour of love. Or like. Ok.......begrudgingly acceptance. You might have guessed that some days it's a chore. Lucky (?) for you I have a healthy-like level of OCD which is what really keeps this thing running. 

Somewhere in here there are 18,380 comments. You folks have an unhealthy OCD thing going on. 

I have said it before, I don't know how this will end.  I'm sure it will. When or how...........who knows. 

I had no plans to start a blog, so it only makes sense I have no plans...............well, about anything with this blog. 

There are assumptions that I'll ever to make it to 4,000,000.   None. 

Song by: Sam Phillips


Old Lurker said...

Well look at you. So dependable!

There are assumptions or there are no assumptions you will make it to four million?

James Dwight Williamson said...

I wish it were dollars , you could retire

Travel said...

We just have to let you know we were here.

DJsnaps said...

Congratulations. The next 2,000,000 will be so much easier

Ur-spo said...

I am very glad you are here