Tuesday, August 15, 2023


This is what 60 looks like.........I guess. 

I should have put on my aviator glasses and gone full '70's porn guy. 

While I used portrait mode and the 'high key light mono' setting, I used no filter per se.  What you see, is what you get. 

The image you see in my blog (upper right corner) is from 2007?,  Or 2006? Am I duping people into think that's who I am, or that's what I look like? 

I'm not a big fan of most of my pictures, which is why that one remains. I like it. And honestly, I don't have a better one with which to replace. 

I'd say I buried the lead, but it's on the top line. 


I turned 60 on Sunday. I took that picture on Sunday. Somewhat memorializing the aging of a blogger. 

However my head is angled, I'm guessing an endocrinologist would say I have a thyroid issue going on with my neck......or where my neck should be. Hopefully it's just an angle.......and / or lighting.  And you know, NOT a tumour. 

I took the goatee down to a stache. I do that once or twice a year and usually immediately regret it. Not yet, but I'm not feeling it either. I'm a hairy dude (save the head) so if I want to grow a beard and goatee, I just have wait four days. 

Anyway.  60. 

I don't really feel that different. I'm sore, but I'm an old man who runs a lot Things are bound to ache. I probably have to pee a little more in the middle of the night than I used to. My metabolism has slowed. But that might be where it ends? 

I say this now and again - I never expected to live this long. Honestly. 

I think the same can be said for my friends and my doctors too. When cancer and / or a toe nail fungus can't take you down, you're kind of invincible.  Ironically, it took a lot longer to get rid of the guy that Lamasil tries to murder than it did to cut out most of my femur. 

60 should bring about some huge perspective or epiphany, but so far I got nothing. Maybe FedEx hasn't delivered it yet. I have no words of wisdom for those about to enter this phase of life. I'm not even sure which phase it might be. 

The future is unknown, of course. But for more than half of my life, I have been surrounded by great friends and my husband. Yeah, some family too - but most of it is chosen family. So that part I can confidently say I have, and will. Listen, if I haven't alienated them by now, I think I'm good. 

Through this blog, I've made some good friends as well. Some in person. Some virtually. Some just via email. Some of the bloggers, and friends, have come and gone. And some are gone-gone. Those help you take stock of who remains. And why. 

Like my 50th, I refuse to take my friends for granted. Instead, I manipulate them to come on a trip and hang for a week. More are attending than did a decade ago.  This is great. Maybe we can repeat in another 10, but.......well............it'd have to be a single story residence somewhere with wheelchair accessibility and n the vicinity of a major medical center. 

The good thing is - half of us are in our 60's, and the other half are fast approaching. The first time half of us met, it was at an after hours party. This time we'll all be in bed before 21:30. 

If six decades allows us to get together for these kinds of things, then the age is just a number - and I'm appreciative for it. And to it. 

Of course, I'm hoping there will be cake.  That alone is worth turning 60. 

Song by: Pat Benatar


Travel said...

FIve years until Medicare kicks in. Happy Birthday you man.

GregM said...

Happy Birthday, Blobby!

Old Lurker said...

It's never too late to go full '70s porn guy. I think your corner pic still looks like you, but it is a little thumbnail, not your Tinder profile.

Happy birthday! Tell us about the big birthday bash! We won't be resentful that we weren't invited.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Well , you certainly , don’t look 60 , or act it and you do things I couldn’t do at 60. A very Super Happy Birthday , belated, to my Favorite Kitten rescuer

Raybeard said...

Many happy returns and felicitations, you youngster, you!

The Cool Cookie said...

Congrats on the birthday. When you hit your sixties, you really start taking stock of the people around you. They mean more. And each moment means more. Its a great age to enjoy, make sure you take that time to enjoy it.