Thursday, August 24, 2023

Tequila Sunrise

I think you have a few more of these posts. I'm sure I'll do a wrap up here at some point, but you know.......vacation. 

Lots of fun. Great friends. Lots of good food and drink. Plenty of laughs. 

But lots of limited time for blog thoughts - and I'm sure I have many. Still, time slips away and tequila runs freely - so it's a bad combination when it comes to composing anything of substance. 

I'm four margaritas in as I lay in bed drafting this. I've decided that while I normally love white wine, this trip it has done me no favours. 

Ok. while it's only 21:24 at this point, I still have to go to bed. I still have to run in the a.m. For the most part, I don't suffer from hangovers (though they still exist from time to time), but I still run as the sun comes up. 

Song by: the Eagles


Old Lurker said...

Running no matter what? You've turned into one of THOSE people? Good for you!

I see the guest blogging has gone well?

Travel said...

May you enjoy many warm sunrises.

Anonymous said...

The guest bloggers have encountered some obstacle