Monday, August 28, 2023

My Music Monday

Jenny Lewis is very hit and miss for me. A big miss was Rilo Kiley. I know the band was a critical darling, but I could never figure them out and never got their groove. 

Lewis' first solo album was great. The next one, not so much. Then back to Rilo Kiley, and then on to Jonathan & Jenny........and now back to solo. I'm sure there were other iterations in there as well. 

She has a new disk coming out (if it's not already out), but getting a song, "Psychos" that is getting some airplay - and maybe rightfully so. 

"Psychos" is catchy, though light and airy. Something intuitive about the song - it's easy to pick up in terms of the lyrics and structure. 

The video does her nor the song any favours, but what are you going to do. Sometimes I'm amazed they're still being made. I mean, besides me, who actually shows these? 

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