Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Blister in the Sun

I'd say, no one said running wasn't pretty - and if you see me do it, you'd think the same thing. 

Oddly, what you see, which is not photographed well, are two individual blisters that are on one toe. Yay me!!!

Actually, I returned from vacation with these. And while they could be from running, the more likely thing is they are from walking the beach. 

I ran most days during our time away. Running on the Mall at dawn was fun. I did that twice. DC runners are not a friendly sort. I did my nod and or wave at each passing person, none reciprocated. 

The beach was better. I'm not stupid enough to run on the beach. Sand gives way and the chances of injuring yourself (or 'myself') are high. Still I had to go out at dawn, because anything after would be too warm. 

Most days, I'd finish my fun by 07:15, kick of the shoes and shirt and dive right in the ocean. It rarely cooled me down enough. 

Still, I'd walk the beach later in the day. Sometimes with my husband; sometimes with Morty. 

One such walk I took with the latter was over five miles long. That is where I did most of the damage to my feet. 

Oddly (or not?) I haven't sustained too many runner injuries. Yes, my hips and knees. But no shin splints, no bloody nipples, no chafing and very very few blisters. 

Now I have two. 

It hasn't stopped me from running. I came back to a run the following day that ended up being 16 miles. Yeah, the blisters were annoying, but nothing to stop me. 

I'll tell you what I was pissed about:  my new shoes. They only have 95 miles on them and parts of the sole are already separating on them. 

They are far too used to be returned, but I will speak to someone at the store about this. Yeah, I can glue them but still..........they were not inexpensive. I don't want to have to buy a second pair of shoes a month in. 

I'm finding that running is an expensive sport. Mostly shoes and races, but they add up. More if you include the physical therapy costs and cortisone shots. 

I'm still glad I'm doing it. 

Song by: the Violent Femmes


James Dwight Williamson said...

Maybe buy a different shoe next time. And why not ask for store credit.

rebecca said...

Great. Now I’ll have I Can’t Wait in my head for three days.

Anonymous said...

I'd go Turbo Karen on the shoes. If you paid for them with a credit card, did they wear out before you received the statement? Sheesh!

Will Jay

Anonymous said...

“Turbo Karen”. Lol