Monday, August 14, 2023

My Music Monday

I made Fleetwood Mac's live version of "Big Love" a MMM post 12 years ago (!!!). 

I had (and have) to define the live version because in theory it's not the band, just Lindsey Buckingham. 

The 1987 recording, while a Billboard hit, was mostly Buckingham too. Even some of the background vocals were just his manipulated to be sound feminine, but not Christine McVie's or Stevie Nicks'. 

The live version is nothing but Buckingham and some incredible guitar work. 

John Paul White, who hasn't had an album out since like 2019 (?) has just put out his own version.

I'm all for a good cover, but they are very difficult to fine. We've been over this subject over the last two decades. Still, I'm a sucker for trying them and am usually tres disappointed. 

I neither love nor hate JPW's version. It's partially faithful, partially expands and expounds upon Buckingham's versions - both the live and studio. It's interesting for sure. I've just had 35+ years with the other versions. 

I'll take any output I can get from White. I think he is a great talent. 

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