Thursday, August 17, 2023


I cannot believe I have to write about BLOTUS again. 

I am hoping, in the long (but not too long) run, it pays off. Handsomely. 

There is no love between me and the state of Georgia. Outside of Atlanta, it's still a lot of confederate flags and fucked up rednecks. Anyone I know and like in that state lives in Atlanta. I just don't seemingly like them enough to visit them. 

But yay for the district attorney taking no prisoners (pun fully intended) in the RICO charges that include the very former president and his cronies. 

Yay for the fact that BLOTUS has to turn himself in and get a mug shot. I hope they do the height / weight thing too, because that bullshit of 239 never held water 

710 is not incorrect about the GOP using / politicizing this with said mug shot. But fuck if the Dems don't use it too - as they should - in keeping a felon out of office. They should totally Azkaban Wanted Poster it.

Of course, I want BLOTUS to be found guilty. But fuck if I don't want Guliani to die in prison (5-20 years......and well.......tick tick tick). And for Sydney Powell to get the broom handle up the ass treatment in prison. 

I'm not caring for the discussion of putting this at a Federal level. There are too many opportunities for pardons should you know who somehow, someway regain that office. I have heard the argument that no state system has had this kind of trial before. Fuck that. No federal court has had this either. RICO, sure - but not like this. 

Should the "man" go broke defending himself, so be it. I mean, why a "billionaire" needs to ask supporters to donate money for this is beyond me - in theory. In reality the billionaire is penniless. Poor Melanoma hasn't figured that out yet - but she's about to. 

If all this does is fuck up the 2024 election cycle for the GOP, we've already won. Prison or house arrest for the next decade is just icing on the cake. 

Song by: Dan Bern


Old Lurker said...

As always, you are much more sunny and optimistic than I am. I worry that you might be writing about BLOTUS through to the end of 2028.

Travel said...

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