Friday, August 18, 2023

Harper Valley PTA

I'm just saying, I must love my husband because he continually wants to infuse educational aspects into our get aways. 

....and I let him!

Last year he wanted to go to Harper's Ferry, but I was in a boot. So, we went this year 

I mentioned to a few people about going, but no one knew about it. Or heard about it. Like they almost didn't go to elementary or secondary school. 

John Brown was the guy. The center of the story. An abolitionist - and "they" never quite told us what that word meant, or any context. I probably thought at the time that he was the bad guy. 

He wasn't. I mean, he kind of was, but with good intentions. 

Brown almost single handily kicked off the Civil War. Yes, two years between Harper's Ferry and the war, but his failed attempt kick-started the rights and wrongs of slavery.  There were no rights, of course, but people never truly addressed it or thought about it to a degree of change until then. 

The town was as is it was in 1859, though the restrooms did have plumbing. The National Park Service guy giving the 4-1-1 on the historical accuracy was good and relaxed. Honestly, I was waiting for MAGA or DeSantis supporting person to say "slavery is an opinion" and a learning opportunity, but luckily that didn't happen. 

I'm glad we went. I learned a few things. 

It would not be the last educational portion of our trip. 

Song by: Jeannie C. Riley


Travel said...

We should go back there.

Ur-spo said...

It's a fascinating story; I've heard many versions and lectures on Mr. Brown.
I went to Harper's Ferry once and was glad to see it.