Wednesday, August 09, 2023


Thank Fucking G-d!

Issue 1, which I wrote about here has failed!   And not by a small margin. 

With 45% of the votes in, the margin was not as large as I'd like, but I'll take 59% to 40. 

I was hoping for 85%, so no one could contest anything - though you know the voter fraud is about to raise its ugly head......again. 

But I am so beaten down the the bad guys always winning, I wasn't so sure about this vote. I was afraid. 

I assumed anyone who didn't have a 'No' sign out in their yard was voting 'Yes'. Maybe that's illogical of me, but I always fear the worst. It was hard to gauge in our 'hood since it is so liberal. Oddly we were the only ones on the street with a sign. 

Even in the conservative areas of Cleveland, I saw more 'No' than pro. I wasn't hopeful. I wasn't hopeful last evening either when I logged on to news sites. Usually I try to avoid that stuff, but this was too important to bury my head. 

So, for now, we are safe. 

This means reproductive rights is up for grabs in the November election. It won't be up to 40% of the voters to decide what a woman can and cannot do. 

We will be getting our signs soon and start our support ASAP. 

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Raybeard said...

Even from so far away I still avidly follow American politics (or what sometimes passes for it) and this was indeed a bit of cheery news - though, as you say, not nearly as resounding as all sensible people would have liked. Even so.....a foretaste of perhaps still better to come? One can (and MUST) but hope.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Very glad to see No win . On to November!

Travel said...

Good to hear.