Wednesday, August 30, 2023


The über calculated move by Mark Meadows has me frickin' worried. 

He actually testified in a pre-trial hearing two days ago, attempting to convince a judge that, as BLOTUS’ right-hand man at the White House, his various attempts to block his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden were part of his official government duties.

Wait.  What?

I really really really need to see that job description. 

The audacity in that statement is one thing, but it's the potential outcome that is the worry. 

Meadows could get this trial taken out of Georgia, and out of the state system, and thrown into Federal court. 

Beside the obvious delays that would cause the trial, depending on the 2024 election, the "winner" might pardon everything and drop everything for everyone. 

It's an unfortunate reality. A very probable one. Not possible. Probable. 

The voting public is fucked up. The GOP is double fucked up. None in that pack of losers the other night on CNN (well, I heard, I didn't actually watch that shit show) polls like BLOTUS, or raises money like him. And they are all scared as shit about him. They can't berate him, because they'll lose those votes - which are more than they're ever going to get. 

Every single candidate said they'd support him if he was candidate of choice and was charged (or convicted?) of a felony. What fucking pussy-assed men these are. 

So, unless something miraculous happens, BLOTUS is going to be the GOP's 2024 pick. And if trials are delayed enough, he could be in office and shut it down. 

Meadows was willing to fall on a testimony sword to get this moved to Federal court. I'm hoping the judge ends it with a big fat 'no'. 

I'm no fan of Hillary, but she was right to call them "deplorables".  

Nail on the head. 

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Raybeard said...

I'd like to be able to say that boredom could, with luck, turn out to be the 'saviour' - though I fear that with all the twists and turns nearly every single day the ongoing drama is just too compelling for yawns - alas!

Travel said...

"I was just following orders" does not fly as a criminal defense.

Old Lurker said...

No, two members from the pack of losers (Christie and Hutchinson) refused to support Trump, albeit reluctantly. Neither of them will be the nominee, of course.

Poor DeSantis. He spent so much time persecuting LGBTQ+ people, and he is falling apart. I shall play a very small violin for him.

BikeGuy said...

Actually, Christie did raise his hand - and later said it was to clarify why he wouldn't - but since it's not 2nd grade, raising your hand doesn't mean the teach will call on you like you have a question. It was a post-debate lie.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Crush DeSantis and immolate Trump