Friday, September 01, 2023

Sea of Love

Weeks back, on the way to see Barbie, I was driving to the theater. Good thing the speed limit was 25 mph and it was heavy traffic, since I was going even slower than the posted limit. 

I got to see the license plate to your left. 

Not only did I see it, I had time to pull out my phone and take a pic of it for later. 

Later, is now. 

If you haven't seen Arrested Development, this is my semi-decade pitch to find it on a streaming service and watch it. You have to really pay attnention, as it's quite tightly written and you're not going to get a laugh track to get you to see the joke that inevitably hit its mark. 

Very little set up on this though:  the Seaward was a boat Gob Bluth bought but the family cannot afford.  It's a long set up for what could have been a toss away line, but it hits the mark so excellently. 

That's all I'll say. 

Song by: Rosanne Cash ft Bruce Springsteen


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Jessica Walter was a national treasure.