Saturday, September 09, 2023


Yesterday, I promised you pet pics.  I'm here to not disappoint - but let's face it, every Saturday you're getting something like this. 

Simon cannot just leave well enough alone. 

Think Shep doesn't like his tail played with, just wait till you horn in on his potential supply of food. 

Driving Ms. Bailey

Both animals hung with me when I was sick last weekend. 
Shep for me. Simon for Shep. 

Song by: Squeeze


Old Lurker said...

Bailey wins this week.

In normal households it is the cats who are plotting to murder the dogs, not the other way around. (Did Simon enjoy his sammich?)

Raybeard said...

Simon is NEVER going to get over the presence, or even the very existence, of that very strange creature called 'Shep'. He's gotten a lifetime fascination with it, never mind if the latter must have long since had just about had enough of putting up with Simon's eternal provocations. Ha ha!

And Bailey's (so clean!) tongue-out, perky 'smile' this week is a sure-fire winner.

Travel said...

That tail makes such a great cat toy.

Anonymous said...

You had the best attendants to assist with your recovery.

Will Jay

Ur-spo said...

good for them for doing their duties taking care of you !