Friday, September 15, 2023

Cut and Run

The man who got me kicked of Twitter is not seeking re-election. 

First off, I should probably thank Mitt (the twice failed candidate for president) for forcing me off before Elon took over and I would have quit anyways  

For a recap: Mitt said Congress shouldn't vote on RBG's replacement immediately and then voted to do just the opposite. He's the male Susan Collins, except her dick is bigger. Anyhoo........I didn't threaten him or anything - it wasn't even a BLOTUS tweet. All I said was, I hope he and his family endured pain and suffering the rest of their lives. That's it. 

BLOTUS actually targeted people and even an insurrection couldn't immediately get him banned from taht fucking platform. His lies on COVID (via Tweets) literally killed people. I just wished a lifetime of pain for the Romneys. 

While, in theory, and in comparison, Romney looks like a decent stand up guy, look to by whom he's standing. Charles Manson would look good next to some of Mitt's colleagues. 

Mitt has two problems, of which I can tell. Lance Armstrong or Caitlyn Jenner.  For the RBG thing and a few half-assed verbal swipes at BLOTUS he's the one-balled Armstrong. More often than not, he's the ball-less Jenner. 

Romney has been secretly haven't someone author his biography. He tells this guy (?) things he should have been saying for years.......and aloud. But he's too much of a Polly Prissypants to do such a thing. 

But let's take one example. And honestly, it's all you'll need. 

Does he reveal this to anyone, on say, January 6th or 7th?  Does he go to anyone else with this info? 

He does not. 

He lets mid-terms come and go without a whisper of this. He allows his colleagues to rape the country - literally - and admonish them in a writer.   Two and one-half years later. 


.....and Fuck You Very Much. 

Romney isn't a leader. In his own way, he's worse than McConnell. Moscow Mitch is outwardly evil, so you kind of know what you're getting. Romney's stupid Mormon face and his sometimes empathetic patter almost make you believe he's human. 

He is not. 

So he's doing what all weak men in his position will do.  Cut and run. 

Instead of changing the system from his evil-doer "friends", he's just leaving and trashing them on the way out. 

It's a weak move. No one in DC will care what he has to say, mostly due to the way he's saying it. Had he stood up on the floor of the Senate and said the same thing, in front of his colleagues, in front of cameras, I'd have had a few ounces of respect for him. 

Now I just want him and his family to have a lifetime of misery and pain. 

Maybe I'll join Threads and tell him as much. 

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