Thursday, September 28, 2023

Falling Apart

It's probably too good to be true, but man oh man, I hope BLOTUS & Sons go down in flames. 

I mean, if they could take their feckless cunt of a sister down with them, it would be better, but a judge let her our of the mix a year or so back. 

A NY judge, for those reading this years later for historical purposes, cited fraud for the (t)Rump Organization for over inflating value to their assets, mostly real estate - including his self-named tower. 

The judge effectively revoked BLOTUS' licenses to operate his NY properties — and potentially an even broader swath of the family business that BLOTUS built over the last half-century. The ruling left much of his New York operation hanging in the balance.

Oh please oh please oh please..............

I would so love to see his buildings be stripped of his name. For all his business failures - and they are many - having his real estate holdings in NY taken from him, would have to sting. 

I mean, I'd love to know BLOTUS Jr and Eric got dry fucked in prison, but the start of the fall of their empire is a start. 

Song by: Skylar Grey


Raybeard said...

Gleeful prospects indeed!

Travel said...

Imagine that, he lied, how many times, about how many things.

Ur-spo said...

He never seems to go down. What hurts most is the people who continue to be afraid of him to speak out