Monday, September 25, 2023

My Music Monday

My "new" song today is actually like nine years old and has over 41 million views. 

Seemingly First Aid Kit's "Silver Lining" is new to me, and possibly to me only. 

Sure, there are probably a handful of folks in Equatorial Guinea who haven't heard it, but that's it. 

I heard of the band - a Swedish folk duo who are sisters - a while back when I saw them perform for Emmylou Harris. 

A song with a good and mournful fiddle is always a winner for me. The harmonies are good too, and the entire arrangement. 

Maybe that's why 41 million others have heard it and seemingly liked it. 


Anonymous said...

Love that song! Thanks for the reminder. Know the song but know very little about First Aid Kit so I'm off to look them up on that fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia!

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I am 'anonymous' - my log-in didn't work. So here it is again: