Wednesday, September 06, 2023


I got new shoes. 


A month ago I got a new pair. I think I mentioned the soles started falling apart with only 95 miles on them. So, yesterday, I took 'em back. 

While I can be a complainer, I'm trying not to be with this store - which also hosts and coordinates my running group. And they've been super helpful in getting the right footwear. 

I can't even blame the for the faulty shoes - they didn't make them. 

Maybe they're still in return mode, though they were bought like 37 days ago. Or maybe because I'm part of "the group". They said they'd mark them as defective and just to get a new pair. 

As much as I liked them, I didn't want them to be the replacement. They left a bad taste in my mouth and I'd always wonder when they might fall apart - like in a race. So we tried a few new ones. 

I was really ready to go back to my old, but New Balance is rejiggering them, so they aren't carrying them until the new version is out. I REALLY like a pair of Brooks I tried on, but then they brought out these. 

I'm not an Acisis, but these were a cross between my old pair and the ones I just returned. And they'll let me try them till end of the month and return them if I don't like them. What's to lose? 

They're nothing great to look at, but who cares?  I could have asked if they came in other colours, but honestly, I do not care. I run in them. I don't see them as fashion. 

I did take them on run. THAT was a mistake. 

Compromised lungs from my sickness.  92º with close to the same humidity. 

Our run choices were 5 or 6 miles.  I opted for 4.  Three others in the group opted with my amended route as well. Normally on Tuesdays there are 20-22 of us. Yesterday?  8.  And three "coaches". 

One of the worst runs I've ever had - and that's saying something, though I haven't said that for a while. I struggled. To be fair - everyone did. 

Afterwards, we got popsicles.  Yay.  Then I found out they were sugar free, so......Boo.  It was a nice gesture and they were ok. That marks the second time in a half-month I've had a popsicle. I'll amend: the second time in a decade I've had one - they just happened to be within a two week time periods. The ones Meredity had were way way better. And all fruit.......I think. 

But new shoes. My toes are achey. I'll try these shoes and break them to see, but I'm not keeping shoes that don't help me. 

Song by: Leonard Cohen


James Dwight Williamson said...

I like your shoes and your legs look tan

Travel said...

I have worn mostly Acisis for the past decade. Comfort is most important.

Anonymous said...

Outshine fruit bars. We love them.