Wednesday, September 20, 2023


I don't know how many of you actually went beyond the Blogger warning they put up on my blog post. For those who did, I appreciate it.  For those who didn't, I totally get it. 

I'm not here to scream 'censorship' or anything. It would help to know which 'community guideline' I violated. 

One has to believe, I have used all those words in other blog posts. Granted, not in the same one or the same order, but...........

Was it the 'seaward'?  And I didn't spell it out or say it. I said, the 'seaward'.......but with 'c'. 

Was it the 't' word? 

The job of hands? 

Was it just saying "Lauren Boebert"?   I mean, THAT I get. Protecting innocents at all costs from having to deal with her on any level. 

I'm honestly baffled. I've written a lot of worse stuff, but about less worse "women". 

I suppose Harry Belafonte's estate filed a grievance, so that I'd understand. 

One of the comments yesterday said the guy in the video has also issued an apology. 

Lord. I haven't read it, but what could the apology be for, exactly?   That he got serviced at a mediocre musical touring company of a mediocre Broadway play?  Was it for 'exposing' himself to children, parents, thespians and cameras? 

Or - maybe, just maybe - that you went out with Lauren Boebert? 

Dude, there are not enough "I'm sorry's" for that. The only thing worse than going out with her is your absolute lack of judgement, self-esteem, character, moral compass and / or class. 

Considering who you "dated", that is saying something. The bar wasn't just low, it wasn't even off the ground and you still went under it. That chick is incredibly bad and somehow you are worse. 

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Raybeard said...

I didn't think twice about going beyond the warning 'curtain' on your original blog, but now you mention it, I agree it's puzzling as to why it was there at all. Maybe the moderators(?) didn't want impressionable kids to discover the silly, puerile antics of the crazy couple. Yes, I can see that.

Travel said...

A post well done, the only warning I have ever received was for a title, Adult Toys, the post was about cars, boats, airplanes.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I look at a lot of porn so those little reminders are a way of life . Blogger is blogger . I wouldn’t be concerned , the majority of everything you post is totally clean but interesting . I really can’t see what you did either. Margery three toes and Bobwho*e aren’t worth a second thought.

Old Lurker said...

Not having a Blogger account I could use to log in, I wasn't able to read the post. I assumed you had finally given into the Skanks and dropped trou on the blog for clicks.

Ur-spo said...