Monday, September 18, 2023

My Music Monday

Back to new music. 

Noah Kahan's song, "I Dial Drunk" has been popping up for me a lot. It is quite a semi-non-traditional song.

First off, Post Malone - whom I know of, but could not tell you one thing about, other than he has tattoos all over his face (and I'm assuming elsewhere) - contributes to the song.  

Since I can't tell you about him, I don't know exactly his role in this. Nor am I invested enough to find out. 

The song, in a way, is two different songs. The verses and chorus don't even seem like they do, or should, go together. 

The banjo - yes, you read that correctly - gives the song, especially the chorus, a good ole boy feel. I find myself turning up the volume for the song, as I find it catchy. 

Nothing about the song makes me think I want an album of it, but I've been wrong before. 

1 comment:

Morty said...

I really enjoy this song but was shocked when I found out PM was on it.