Thursday, September 21, 2023

They're Not Laughing at Me Anymore

What a blatant pack of lies!

This is absolutely outrageous. Simply implausible.

Russel Brand is not a comedian!

He might be a lot of things - including a serial sexual assaulter, but "funny", he is not. 

Mind you, nothing is funny about sexual assault, and there absolutely is nothing funny about Brand, so by Pythagoras' theory, Brand must be a sexual assaulter. 

It's math, people!

Back in the early part of the last decade (I'm spitballing here), I was trapped on a plane that showed Arthur. 

No no.  Not the Liza Minelli vehicle. The Jennifer (I get stuck with only shitty roles) Garner and Russel Brand as the eponymous character remake. Sir Helen Mirren (yes, I said that), played Hobson. She is the only one for whom I felt bad. 

To clarify: the movie was on, I didn't really watch it, as i didn't put in headphones, but it was difficult to completely tune it out or not see it out of the corner of you eye.  Even with no sound  and my superb internal witty screenwriting skills, this stunk worse than the fish the flight attendants were serving. 

I'm no fan of Katy Perry, so in a ways I was fine they latched onto each other. It saves so many other people that way. 

I'm certainly not saying the women in question deserved the treatment or situations they were in, but it's Russel Fucking Brand - why were you there in the first place?  I mean.......ewwwwww.  You have eyes, right?  He's like a Weird Al reject. 

Still comedians of the world should take offense that he's lumped in with them. Come to think of it, so should guys on the sex offender list. 

Song by: Elvis Costello


Raybeard said...

Although I never found him 'funny' as such, in the very beginning when he first appeared I did warm to his 'edginess'. But that didn't last long. Fame went to his head and that seems to have given him (as he thought and acted) a free ticket to being a reactionary, cantankerous twat. I hope he gets what it is that he deserves, whatever the truth dictates, albeit it being rather late in the day.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Speaking as a woman, I had absolutely zero surprise that he's been outed as sexual predator. He ruined my lovely, twee, everything-in-the-world is rosy programme, The Great British Bake-Off by making a cake in the shape of a vagina. Nuff said.

rebecca said...

I thought we all already knew he was a molester.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Never liked Russel Brand or Ricky Gervais.