Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I Don't Remember

Sorry - but would-be media whore, Cassidy Hutchinson needs to be 86'd by the media. Especially CNN which is eating up every word she says. Ditto with CBS' Face the Nation

The Senate testimony (or was it the House?) from one-time aide to BLOTUS' Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, reeks of excerpts of what was probably - and now certainly is - her book. Now she's making the media rounds before a host of Voter Fraud and Insurrection trials. 

Honestly, BLOTUS has a good - and bad - argument for his trials. Moving venues won't change anything. States, Cities or anything (yes, though to Federal vs State court). It's hard to argue you wouldn't get a fair trial in Atlanta when everyone in the country know something about the case. There can be no full impartiality. None. 

But now you taint the pool of people testifying after their book has come out. There is plenty of time to discredit the witness with whatever drivel she wrote. 

Worse than that is her defense on CBS to say everything she says is true as she remembers is - which alone is gap moment. Her problem is, when she first testified, she said, "I don't know and I don't recall" more than 100 times !!!!

Honey, you already threw in reasonable doubt in the first go-round, now you have a book with tidbits and feelings more than facts. Almost nothing can be corroborated. You're giving your former boss and his boss a free pass. 

I cannot believe, with the help of this twat, BLOTUS could possibly walk. It wouldn't surprise me if this was all planned for just that reason. 

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The loyalists fall on their swords.