Saturday, September 16, 2023

Cool Kids

The week is over. Praise Yahweh*.   

Let's just say it ended with a bird shitting on me while walking with Shep and 710. Possibly the perfect metaphor to the week. 

Time slipped away, so we have pics of course, I'm just not sure they're all they could be. I'm sure they're fine. 

His time at the ballet will come - and he'll be amazing!

I am in awe of defiant squirrels. 

Doggo enjoying his outdoors. 

How much is that kitten in the window?

You just know they're the clique. 


* I kid, of course. 

Song by: Echosmith


Raybeard said...

All pics a-tugging on the heart-strings, and I LURVE it!

Travel said...

"How much is that kitten in the window?" Priceless

Bob said...

I love The Trio and Kitten in the Window.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I love those attack cat eyes

Old Lurker said...

Praise Yahweh.

I hope Shep has not turned into one of those Mean Girls at doggy daycare.