Monday, September 04, 2023

My Music Monday

I have not clever Labour Day related music post. I'm sure I've used those up with songs by the Smiths or the Tragically Hip. Maybe even the G-dfathers. 

Nope, this is just a normal MMM post. Nothing special. 

I mean that in every way. 

The Killers have a new song out. I like the band, but their last two disks have been trying my patience. I'm all for new directions and stuff, but while you don't need to stay in your lane, at least know where it is. 

Last year (?) or earlier this (?) they came out with a one-off "boy", which I grew to like. Must have been last. I think I included it on my year end of 2022. It harkened back to familiar territory. 

So does the new song, "Your Side of Town". 

Stuart Price, who produced the songs on many of their albums, also helms this. I'd like to think the band has enough talent to stand on their own with their music, but Price brings in auto-tune. And a lot of it. Too much of it. "boy" had some of that too, but not to this degree. 

Price is known for working with Madonna, and has used this on her as well, but not to the extent she'd use for her horrible Madame X disk.  

The song seems strong, but the auto-tune, to me, is distracting. I'm guessing it would have been stronger without. 

Price and the band do pull in some of the Killers' strengths - one being the homage they seem to have for early to mid '80s music. I hear Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys (both which Price has produced). 

It works.  Kind of. 


Ur-spo said...

I put these on as background as I make rounds through the blogs.
I liked this one.

Anonymous said...

All I hear is New Order’s True Faith.

Anonymous said...

This Jonny btw.