Thursday, September 14, 2023

Cough Syrup

My blog reading has gone to the dogs. I apologize to all my blog friends. Just have not kept up - and certainly haven't taken the effort to comment. 

I blame my schedule. And my overall mental health. 

My schedule is my schedule. You see how early I get up, but I reserve that pre-gym time for sitting in the dark and probably play my NYT word games.  Work has been nuts, and it hasn't made me happy. And you know my little free time has been reserved for running.  Then I'm in bed usually by 21:15. 

It's all I can do to get dinner on the table and draft a blog entry myself. 

I know this will change a bit as we move into the deeper Fall. I won't run in the dark that much. My work computer conversion will be over in a month or so. I hope to find some semblance of balance. 

My actual health hasn't been super great. Two plus weeks later and I'm still sick. 

No Covid, though I find it hard to believe I didn't - no matter what those three tests said.

It was back to the doctor yesterday. Well - to the doctor. "Back" would imply I went before. I hadn't. Still - it's down to my cough. My very very ever-present cough that would scare any pulmonologist. The doc said I have no infection in my lungs or sinuses. Lungs are clear. No nasal drip. O2 saturation is perfect. 

Luckily, she did walk in during a coughing fit, so she got to see it in action.     

Short story (too late!), I'm on steroids for the next five days and a cough suppressant that comes in a pill. 

Oddly, for the most part, I've kept running throughout all this. While my lungs might not be great, guess when I don't have coughing fits?  Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere. 

But now I'm hepped up on prednisone and trying to figure out how sleep is going to go. Can't be worse than up half the night coughing my brains out. 

Song by: Young the Giant


Old Lurker said...

I cannot believe how early you go to work, and then how late you pick Shep up. Do you work 11 hour days?

This cough doesn't sound good. I used to get a dry cough that would linger all winter, but like yours it would go away when I was exercising (in my case, when riding my bike). I am hopeful this is not the 'Rona, because many people with the 'Rona find that exercise is much worse for them than bed rest.

Travel said...

Tell work to back off and respect your boundaries. The blogging world needs your wit and wisdom.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Feel better