Monday, February 21, 2022

My Music Monday

Today I am going with Duran Duran. 

I did one from the band last May, a song that was destined for a disk that was not released until November 2021.  ......and then again, reissued with additional material in February 2022. 

Personally, I hate that shit. Re-releases within a month or year of the original disk, forcing some to rebuy music to get the now newer stuff. Totally one of the reasons the recording industry and artists are losing to streaming services. 

I don't know if I love "Laughing Boy", but certainly do not dislike it at all. It probably won't ever hit their Greatest Hits II disk - assuming they ever get one. I mean if Jewel can have one with 16 (!!!!) songs (I dare you to name more than 2), I suppose anything is possible. 

Duran²  are nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall O'Fame this year. I'd say, they haven't been super ground-breaking, but then, Dolly Parton is up too - and unless we are counting her bluegrass cover of "Stairway to Heaven" - she hasn't done boo for even a nomination, let alone induction. 

At this rate, Corey Hart still has a good shot of getting in. 

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