Saturday, February 26, 2022

All Star

It's been a tres challenging week at work, and actually, the next month is going to be deadline after deadline. Big ones.  But I love coming home to the dog and cat................and 710.  Some seem more excited to see me than others.  I'll leave it up to you in how you do those rankings and if you're correct. 

Cleveland had the NBA All-Star game last weekend........if you're into that kind of thing. 
Shep and I were not. But we took the photo op anyways. 

We had a carpet sample sent our way. 
.......Sophie claimed it as her own.  We are getting the pattern in that sample you cannot see, but in a different colour. 

Bailey - post grooming. 

He's a weird dude.

She on the other an angel. 

I'll give him this. at least he found the dry space. 
You just never know with him. 

I do love when my princess holds my hand. 


Song by: Smash Mouth


wcs said...

How's Shep's leg doing?

Travel said...

Sophie has that "he is mine, all mine" look on her face

Anonymous said...

Sophie always steals the show always the star.

Bob said...

I can think of few things better than holding hands with a cat.

Ur-spo said...

how comical to see the cat sitting on the sample.