Friday, February 04, 2022

Sidewalk Talk

You know what?  Screw altruism. 

Wine is better. 

We both worked from home yesterday, because, you know.....snow storm. Honestly, it wasn't great, but I don't think it was as bad as predicted or could have been.  ....though as I draft this, it's still snowing and it is supposed to for another 12 hours. 

After lunch, I went out with the snow blower and cleared about 7" off the driveway...........and then I took a cue from the pink unicorn and a guy two streets over and cleared the sidewalks on our side of the street. 

....and about 40% of the other side too. 

As almost no one on the west side of the street had touched their walks for the last two storms, much of it was impassable even with a heavy duty gas-powered snow blower. 

When I got a few houses away, our neighbor, Brad, was about 80% done with his drive. I stopped to say 'hi' and then asked if he minded if I did his walk. 

Turns out - he did not mind at all. He was super appreciative. He was the only person I'd see on my outing. 

I went back to work, and the afterwards, 710 and I walked the dog. He stayed out to do Round 2 of snow removal.  He turned around and BOOM - there was our new-ish neighbor Lydia. 

We like Lydia and her husband......and their dog. Their son seems nice, but he's like 9 months old, so he's a bit of an attention hog. Lydia stood there with a bottle of wine. Pinot Noir, to be specific. She told 710 that she saw me earlier cleaning their walk and wanted to repay us. 

Honestly, it was not necessary - not that I'm going to give it back. 

Of course, I did not clean a few dozen houses sidewalks for recognition, or booze. I am glad they noticed it was done. 

I am kind of surprised they knew it was me. Even if looking out, I was kind of bundled up and fairly unrecognizable, let alone from 100 feet away. 

After we snagged the wine, 710 went back out and did the walks again. 

Song by: Jellybean


Travel said...

The good we give out, we get back in some way

James Dwight Williamson said...

There need to be more Lydias in the world!

Ur-spo said...

what sort of wine?