Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Ad of the Month

It's only 0:13 in length, but that less than quarter of a minute takes you back 36 years. 

Yes. I did the look-up, and then the math.  .....and then I did it again.


Yes, it takes me back - to the Columbus Eagle, I'm assuming. Maybe Bananas or 1470.  

Honestly, if I'm going back 36 years, Stacey Q is not going to be my go-to soundtrack. But then, Burger King is not going to be my food of choice either.  I guess they couldn't afford Pebbles. 

Not all time travel is wanted or welcome.  ....just saying. 


Travel said...

Reminded me of that charred flavor

VoenixRising said...

I actually preferred the Big King to the Whopper. Just sayin'.

And yeah, 36 years sounds about right.