Saturday, February 12, 2022

Bury Your Head

Shep is doing pretty good - thanks for asking. He's rebounded much faster than expected, though we are taking it easy with him. He can put his weight fully on his paws and we stopped his pain meds. We are limiting how much we walk, which is not difficult with ice encrusted sidewalks. 

So there are some pics pre and post accident here in the mix.  ....and of course, Sophie.

Pretty girl. 

He's a weird little dude. 

Someone took his recovery bed, so Shep had to take the chair. 

Don't mess with Soph.  She'll cut you - I mean, if she had claws. 

Feeling better to watch squirrels, but not hunt them.  ......yet. 

Soph and Shep vying for Dad #1's attention. 
They both won. 

Song by: Saosin


Raybeard said...

Such lovable companions, the both of them.

Bob said...

Good to know Shep is mending nicely. I sure his night nurse, Sophie, is helping?

Anonymous said...

Much as I love Sophie I don't think she would want to be a nurse.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Hope Shep continues to mend. I have very little faith in Sophie as a Nurse! 😊