Thursday, February 03, 2022


Now.........we wait. 

The last 48 hours, I've been doing nothing at work besides making alternate plans for work.

Hearing of "the storm" this last Monday, I went into action and started figuring out how we can all work remotely and still keep business going. 

You'd think this would be easy, since we did this during the earlier days of Covid. 

I don't know why, but weather emergencies seem different. 

I forbade staff to come in today, and that we'd assess Friday as well, though all but one site has been decided to be remote. 

I don't care about the snow so much, it's the threat of ice I abhor. Well, it is really the actual ice. I fall, don'tcha know......though it has been one year and 33 days since my last spill............but who's counting? 

And I lied about the snow. I worry about Shep. I know we can keep the drive and walk fairly clear as long as we keep up with the cleaning. It's the city plows that can easily block us in by piling up several feet of snow at the end of our drive. 

I'll be working from home as well......obvi. Probably Friday too. 

I am really hoping it's not a heavy snow where one might lose power. We never did get our fireplace checked out when we moved in. I don't know it's safe to use........oh, and we don't have wood. I like heat - and it would suck to be without. We just had our power lines buried, so it the power goes down, at least it won't be at our house?  Not that we wouldn't be affected, we just won't be the epicenter. 

As I draft this, it's still raining, but.........we'll see when I wake up where we are. 

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Travel said...

Good luck

James Dwight Williamson said...

The groundhog saw his shadow, whatever that promises