Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Fishing in the Dark

While I might have grown up in an affluent, super white village, but at least it was not Hudson. 

Hudson is not that far from where I grew up, and it was where a set of cousins resided as well. It was probably on par with where I was raised, though, if possible, was actually whiter. 

The other two things neither townships (not even full towns, not really) had:  ice fishing and prostitution. 

Just don't tell it to the mayor.  Sorry.  Former mayor. 

Yes, he draws a line - somehow - to how ice fishing will lead to prostitution. 

To be clear, he doesn't think if your'e the one doing the fishing, you'll become a whore.......just turn to them.  Or something.  I am unaware, but apparently, women of ill repute will hang around waiting for guys to.............wait for it...........take the bait. 

And he means what he says. And he says it with a straight face. And the guy next to him doesn't burst out laughing. 

What I love is: this story made national news. Not just an affluent white podunk town, 

By-the by.............I'm not 100% sure Hudson has any place to actually ice fish. And I don't think there are hotels, which means, you will have to use a 4 bed, 3.5 bath colonial in which to get down to bwass tacks, as Lili Von Shtupp might say. 

It did not take too long, but the mayor resigned.  ....also making national news. 

Hudson must be so proud. 

Song by: the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


Travel said...

Ah Ohio

DJsnaps said...

He resigned and is opening a hot tub brothel

Elle Clancy said...

Hudson is definitely not proud. Someone had enough influence to finally convince him to resign. Such an embarrassment (although I thought the mess about the school board and "pornography" was far worse).