Monday, February 07, 2022

My Music Monday

I was thinking I'd have a theme, and then I lost track of time - and possibly interest. Sad, but true. 

So, I just took out the phone, kept hitting 'next' for 10 songs and see where it landed. 

Trust me, no one but me knows a little known, fly by night group called Color Me Gone............and that includes the member of the band. 

They were based out of Canton, OH - home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, dontcha know. They had one EP back in 1984 and went their own ways. 

Marti Jones, whom I have featured now and then on this Monday series was their lead singer. 

It seems someone else has heard of them, as at least this song, "Lose Control" is on YouTube. 

Funnily enough (?), the series in which it's posted is called "why wasn't this a hit?".  If you break it down, it had all the components to be a pseudo-hit. I don't recall ever hearing it on the radio at all.  But that was 38 years ago !!!!


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