Tuesday, February 15, 2022


I haven't written about dreams in forever. 

I assume I still had them, but they weren't as terrifying or as "vibrant" as they had been in the past. I'm not sorry for that. I had years and years of restless sleep due to probable medication-induced dreams / psychosis. 

A changes in meds a few years back, put an end to those borderline nightmares, of which I could not escape. Though often I knew they were dreams, I could not manage my way free. I'd wake and go right back into them when I dozed back off.  IF I dozed back off. 

The last few days I've had two dreams of which I know. 

One was like what I just mentioned. Could not escape. It had to do with Petey - our former dog. And his liver which was to be harvested for a human transplant. While the transplant never happened - in real life or in dream - I let Petey languish alone, never checking on him. The entire sequence broke my heart - and mind. 

No doubt, this brings in Shep's recent injury. While he had been doing better, he regressed a little over the weekend. He's got four eyes on him now at all times. We shan't let down our guard this time. 

The second dream was just.......you know......a dream. 

It involved two friends, Marisa and David, a married couple. Ones I haven't seen for 20 years, but are pseudo-semi in touch with on Facebook. 

David was singing me this song called "Maryland". He did it three times. On the third, I pulled out my phone and recorded it. I think I remember some of the lines, so perhaps I should Gooooooogle it to see if it is a real song. I remember laughing while recording it. 

Marisa shows up with a few kittens and I ask how her dogs will get along with them. But we are interrupted by the needs to serve Thanksgiving meals, either to the homeless, or to college students who could not go home for the holiday. The line at their front door was long as one could see.  And while the house wasn't exactly like Xenophilius Lovegood's house, the surrounding land was. 

This dream? I have no idea what this is or from whence it came. 

It's true David & Marisa have dogs, and David teaches at a college, but that might be where all points of resemblance ends. 

That was my last two nights.  Let's see what this night's (or last, in this case) imagination holds in store for me........if anything. 

Song by: Blondie

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Many people say , it is not so, but I feel mental distress, dreams and anxiety increase around the full moon. My Brothers middle Child has a Blue Heeler, that tore a muscle requiring surgery. it was a horribly expensive nightmare and convalescence but , she is ok now.