Friday, February 18, 2022


I got bunches of nothing. 

If this was a work blog, I'm sure I'd have bunches of crap to write. But it's not, and that's fine. I don't want to work all day and then come and have to write about. Nor do I want to back and read about it. 

I have a new book that arrived for my reading pleasure. I'm really trying to push myself to read for pleasure instead of just being a veg.  I'm also taking suggestions for books - no vampires. no zombies. no serial killer crap either. 

Also, while I didn't read the article on BLOTUS & kids - and not sure it will amount to a hill of beans - there is a glimmer of hope in me that the NY prosecutor will actually be able to depose those smug motherfuckers. 

Again, it's the small things. 

Tomorrow is pet day, so..........buck up. 

Song by: Rob Thomas

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Travel said...

I am about to read a banned book, just for the pleasure of it