Thursday, July 02, 2020


I've been reticent to write about politics. I go through periods where I stay away, and it makes me less anxious. 

Yet, BLOTUS and history needs to be documented - and I'm like the 2020 Encyclopaedia Brittanica.*

This whole paid bounty on U.S. troops and that motherfucker actually saying he wasn't briefed? So, on the off off off off off chance that this was true {cough cough cough}, what does that say about his Secretary of State, his National Security Agency, the CIA and Department of Defense? 

So, BLOTUS should fire every single head of those areas, no? 

I'd say 'the buck stops here', but BLOTUS does not subscribe to that thought. His is more, "everyone else is to blame but me". 

Occam's razor is: he's lying.  


So, I believe it is 22 dead soldiers?  Is that correct? 

Let's see, if my Math 104 class taught be anything (both times!) 22 soldiers - 4 in Benghazi = 18. 

So yes, 18 more dead than on Hillary Clinton's SoS watch. I have yet to hear one republican (or democrat actually........though I stopped reading stories on this days ago) call for one, let alone 33, hearings on this matter. 

Curious.   Not unexpected.  Just curious. 

The other funny - yes, funny - is BLOTUS' "white power" video. No, that part wasn't funny. Not unexpected. The "story" that no one could get ahold of the fucking president of the united states (yes, lower case was a choice!) for THREE hours because he was playing golf to take down said video is HILARIOUS. 

First off, that man hasn't been off his phone for three hours in a row for his entire presidency. Secondly - you. knew. where. he. was.  He travels with a team, any of which you could get ahold. So this time Occam's razor isn't quite as clear, but it comes down to two options: 

1. It took them three hours to get him to take down the video. 
2. No one was actually looking for him or trying to contact him. 

I'm going with a hybrid of the two. 

FYI: 123 days till the election. 

*no fact checking performed. Just like GOP press and sound bytes. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Excellent and smart! I’m glad to see someone can put in words what I have thought about for 3.6 years . Someone has stolen part of my life, and for that alone the guillotine is too gentle! CHOP!

Travel said...


Ur-spo said...

I suspect the red states with their high rate of covid will not blame the POTUS ; he is gambling and will win people will blame the mayors and governors rather.