Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Like we already don't have a fucking loon in the White House, now we need a second one - and in a row? 

It seems BLOTUS' only black friend - cuz you know it ain't Omarosa or Ben Carson - is "planning to run against him" in the 2020 election. Yes, that's Kanye Kardashian. 

The quotes are mine, like if Dr. Evil was doing air-quotes around things that are not actually true but using them for emphasis. 

I don't know of if he's certifiable or not. I'm assuming like BLOTUS' tax records, we'll never get a look at Kanye's MMPI results. 

I mean, you know West is all talk anyway. It's not like he's walking away from him GAP contract! Or putting that in a blind trust. I mean, he doesn't really have to, since that orange turd at Black Lives Matter Blvd is all about conflict of interest with his own businesses. 

....and speaking of: Kanye got $2-5 million dollars from the Covid bail out. Well, his company did. But he is his company, no?  The man is worth $1.3 BILLION dollars.  Two million is weekly interest on that. 

Kim Kardashian is worth {allegedly} $900 million.  I mean,  she's worth nothing, but she might have that much dough in she mattress where she got fucked on tape.  It's unclear if she got for bailout on Whore futures, but she can't do ALL her porn by Zoom, can she?  Or can she? 

But yes, the combined $2.1 billion dollar family needed a government bail out while YOU got $1,200........if that. 

Oh, I got off track with Yeeze's (am I typing that correctly?) all talk shit. He says he's running for president, but hasn't actually done anything about it. Like filing. And most of the states have already closed the change for filing as an independent. So, this is just promotion for his new album? New shoes? New vag rejuvenation gel that his mother-in-law is spearheading? 

To add to the nutso shit:  Elon Musk (that loon) is - at least via Twitter - supporting West's run.....so there's that!

....and B.T.Dubs, just want this country needs, TWO first "ladies" - in a row - who have done porn. I think it's the "in a row" that bothers me more than the porn.  

I think. 


Song by: Gnarls Barkley

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I will let you handle this lunacy, desperation is more evident every day!