Saturday, July 04, 2020

Cool Water

Not the most robust pet post, but it's not bad. Pets are always welcome. 

This does nothing to quell my concern that Shep has no friends at daycare. 

Neighborhood kitty (still no known name) stops by daily. (S)he seems bored by it all. 

Aunt Meredity bought Shep squeaky tennis balls. Shep is not a ball guy (in every sense of the word). 
But he's interested. He has followed one and picked it up and. carried it but hasn't figured out yet how to make it squeak on his own. This is gonna be a process. 

Lady of the House. 

NOTHING makes me happier than Shep drinking water on our outdoor adventures. 

Song by: Fleetwood Mac


anne marie in philly said...

nothing like furkid photos to kick off the hot "holiday" weekend.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Happy Dog and Cat Weekend ! Eat Drink and Sleep!

Bob said...

I'm feeling a little like Bored Kitty today!

Raybeard said...

My heart melted at the first pic. It's now disappeared completely, leaving just an aching longing.



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Ur-spo said...

It gives me a smile always to see dogs lapping up water when out of doors.