Saturday, July 18, 2020

Don't Fence Me In

We have a little kitty kat action today - it's a little more dog heavy. Some weeks, that's just the way it works out. 

Hiking with Shep. Beautiful day. 

Shep meets the new cat. 
It does not go well..................for Shep. 

Kitty held her (?) ground. Swiped at him too, but just missed his nose. 

Yes, she went up the fence, but it might be a stretch to say he truly chased her there. 

Cousins at the beach. 

Breakfast Club

Song by: Ella Fitzgerald


anne marie in philly said...

good on neighbor kitty! and the breakfast club poses.

Bob said...

Shep was just tryin' to be neighborly!

Raybeard said...

I wish felines had the same open-mindedness of dogs, who are curious enough to sniff each other out before making a judgment. Even cat-to-cat they are full of suspicion and wariness which never, or rarely, goes away. A cat taking friendly to a dog on first encounter I've yet to see.

CALVIN said...

Thanks for the Caturday post. At least the new Kitty didn't chase him like mine does the local hounds. We're getting a reputation in the neighbor hood as having the devil cat.