Friday, July 03, 2020

Live and Let Die

50,000 new cases in a day. 

10,000 in Florida alone. 

Twenty somethings having Covid parties.  

It's like Russian Roulette with a cash payout....instead of a bullet through your head. Invite a bunch of friends, one who has the coronavirus. If you're the next to contract it, you get know, instead of a bullet through your head. It's just through your lungs, so to speak. 

Seriously. I'm not even making this shit up. 

I would say there are people who are dumber than those who voted for BLOTUS, but in a Venn diagram, the two together, more or less, is just a circle. 

Maybe this says more about me than them, but I don't feel bad for not feeling bad for them. I no longer willfully don't care if they get sick. I'm actually hoping they do. 

Does it make me a horrible person?  Possibly. But it's all relative, no?  See four paragraphs above. 

I might be horrible, yet I'm the horrible one wearing a mask not frequenting bars, restaurants, gyms or places to shop that doesn't have groceries. 

Where some in the GOP were ok to off Granny to save the economy, I'm ok with these folks offing their parents, grandparents, kids and spouses (and themselves) to eventually end the virus. 

In my walnut sized brain (I know - how I DO boast!) there has to be a line in the sand where so many people parish, those slightly less dumb folks who are still alive, sit, tap a finger against their lip and go, "hmmmmm..........maybe if we did.............". 

But we are a ways away from that. The good takeaway is: the areas being hit the hardest are the reddest states - save California. 

Good riddance. 

Song by: Paul McCartney & Wings


James Dwight Williamson said...

We , my 88 year old mother and I live in Metropolitan Orlando.My grandparents owned 250 acres on which Disney was built. Before a stint in Kentucky we lived in Dunnellon on the West Coast. I went through the Cuban Missile Crisis there and JFKs assasination and funeral. We moved to Kentucky the year they integrated the public schools and my maternal grandfather was unable to care for my grandmother. 1966 if I remember . I came back and we owned beachfront property in Ormond Beach in 1984. We have owned houses on the St. John’s and Sanibel Island. My point , we have been sheltering in place since early March, we are both healthy. I would consider my neighborhood privileged but we have A multitude of demographic in the Twenty eight houses on a double cul-de sac. As much as I understand the frustration of people who don’t live here it really isn’t a bad place. Everyone comes to , the HAPPIEST place on earth , and then believes real life will be just that 24-7-365 which we all know is bullshit! All the crazies from fifty states believing their liberties are infringed on enabled by a crooked governor and a piece of shit President in name only have proven a recipe for disaster. My county has mandatory mask policy. The Governor pushed by BLOTUS reopened too early and won’t own it! So as many are trying , 9 of 10 people wear masks , I can’t go inside the vet with my dogs, I wear a mask during medical appointments and hair appointments. My mother as well, wish us luck don’t be angry. We are trying!

Raybeard said...

It's perplexing for so many of us Europeans [and wider afield, I'm sure] to see such a lot of Americans being so vociferously and hysterically opposed to wearing masks, especially when we all know by now that it's less to do with protecting oneself as concern about spreading the virus to others, perhaps even causing their death, for goodness' sake! What's the argument against that? I grant that there are likely to be some in our countries who are still unhappy about being advised to do so - or made obligatory when going into shops as it now is in Scotland - but we never hear about those resisting as they are such a small and ineffectual number. But of course I'm well aware that in the U.S.A. mask-wearing has become politicised 'thanks' to certain 'leader[s]' - now some turning around far too late when a lot of damage has already been done - and those who continue to defy sense and logic don't give a damn about the consequences, despite it affecting others.

anne marie in philly said...

nope, it doesn't make you a bad person.

if the dumpturds are going to ignore warnings/get sick/die, it's OK by me. I just wish the hospitals could refuse to treat the ignorants.

besides, the fewer dumpturds around in november...

Travel said...

I talked with a health care provider in a state south of here yesterday, whose hospital is suddenly overwhelmed. ICU is full, they just converted a floor of 60 rooms to additional ICU space, they are asking RNs in administrative positions to take floor duty, the paperwork can wait, patients are dying. They have cancelled all non-emergency surgery. This is the worst he has seen. And not a peep in the news. A governor who is saying the beaches are open, come on down you'all.