Friday, July 31, 2020

Delayed Devotion

I'm a-gonna go all conspiracy theory on your asses.  

I mean, it's not like I haven't been implying and / or inferring it for a long long time on this blog, but BLOTUS is just making it real. 

Let's just start with the Mail-In vs Absentee voting..........which at least in Ohio, is........wait for it......mail-in. How the actual fuck is one 'good' and one is 'inaccurate & fraudulent'?   Of course, this is the set up for the potential inevitable loss he's going to be taking. 

Now, let's go with the delay. 

He can't, legally or technically, do that. However, this, is BLOTUS, to whom rules have not applied, nor has anyone held him accountable when he has bent or broken them. should be worried. 

I am worried. 

Congress can make the exception, and it's THIS congress, so.......this is all very much within the realm of possibility. Maybe even probability. 

None of that was the conspiracy. That's just almost a given. 

BLOTUS has floated this test balloon before, on which I've commented before that it was not test. This is the slow peeling off of the band-aid where there is no election.  

Not a delay. I mean, NO election. Ever. 

This I believe to be true. I'm not crazy. I swear. 

It will be one delay, then another and another. There will always to his fucktard "fans" to eat up each and every excuse. This works well for the Senate too, as if they can't replace them, it remains Red.  Convenient. 

I could delve further into Conspiracyville if you'd like.   ....and even if you didn't. 

Covid. Not the hoax / non-hoax. But the potentially deliberately fucking up any chance of flattening the curve on purpose. Because nothing will say 'delay an election' like a highly infectious disease. It's why he's pushing for businesses and schools to open. Spread the disease.  150,000 dead, so another 100,000 more won't matter. In fact, it's 50,000 off the original 300k that Fauci predicted months and months back. 

And I will go one more level down:  Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York.........civil unrest. Civil unrest that he is perpetuating and keeping up. Why would one do that? 

Oh that's right - to create instability in big democratic cities before and up to an election. Delay or no delay. There is also that whole, federal "officers" arresting folks. If the courts moved faster, they could be convicted of felonies and ......wait for it.........not be able to vote. 

Yes, this is all very bleak, dark and a little bit crazy. But ask yourself this - how has this last four years gone? 

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anne marie in philly said...

mc turtle and mc carthy have all said HELL NO to postponing the election. spouse and I have already applied for our mail-in ballot for november. we aren't having any protests in my city, and we DON'T need his fucking posse play-soldiers. the whiny pissant baby needs to RESIGN NOW!

James Dwight Williamson said...

The Orange Phlegm is sliding away. He has no magic powers . He and his ilk will be gone, one way or another!